Information Technology and the Networked Economy

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The beginning of the 21st century has seen a rapid change from the industrial economy to a networked economy built on computers, connectivity, and human
knowledge. The networked economy is characterized by rapidly changing market
conditions and methods of commerce. Instead of leveraging human strength with
machines as was done in the industr ial economy, the networked economy leverages human knowledge with computers and connectivity to produce goods and services.
The networked economy requires that organizations concentrate on improving
their organizational productivity rather than worrying about personal productivity.
To meet the needs of tomorrow's organizations, colleges and universities must immediately begin to prepare students to work in the networked economy. The secĀ­ond edition of Information Tech nology and the Ne tworked Economy is aimed at providĀ­
ing today's business students with the knowledge of the networked economy
necessary to be successful employees and managers in the 21st century.


Patrick McKeown


The Global Text Project


Cut Rita Zahara


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Patrick McKeown, “Information Technology and the Networked Economy,” Open Educational Resource (OER) , accessed December 4, 2020,

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